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Arnold Cruickshank from Grenada | Global 3000 - Global Living Rooms

83-year-old Arnold Cruickshank lives in St. George's, the capital of the island nation of Grenada. He collects records and loves listening ... tags: 3000arnoldcruickshankdeutschedwgeorgesglobal

Diagnosis: Unaffordable - Health Care in China | Global 3000

In China, medical care is extremely unequally distributed. Those who live in the countryside dare not fall ill, because theres usually not ... tags: 3000carechinadeutschedwglobalglobalization

Nigeria: A Cake for every Occasion | Global 3000

Moladun Jaiyesimi is 34 years old, and has a talent for creating delicious and colorful cakes. She initially trained as a pharmacist, but ... tags: 3000bakerycakesdeutschedwentrepreneursglobal

Costa Rica - Forests Resurrected | Global 3000

Costa Rica's incredible biodiversity is threatened by deforestation and monocultures. Father-son duo Leo and Stefan Prstler are fighting ... tags: 3000costadeutschedwenvironmentalistsforestsglobal

Indonesia: A Decade after the Tsunami | Global 3000

The 2004 and tsunami caused a catastrophic amount of damage to the region of Aceh in Sumatra. More than 5 of the population was killed, ... tags: 3000deutschedwearthquakeglobalglobalizationindonesia

Global Number Biodiversity | Global 3000

The preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity are considered important foundations for human well-being. The destruction and ... tags: 3000biodiversitydeutschedwearthglobalglobalization

Water Management in Lebanon - Saving a Scarce Resource | Global 3000

Lebanon's population is growing by two percent each year - putting a strain on water supplies. Demand is growing, and groundwater quality ... tags: 3000deutschedwglobalglobalizationlebanonmanagement

The Peacemakers of Colombia. | Global 3000

The conflict between the Colombian government and the left-wing FARC rebel group has been going on for 50 years. The guerrilla war has ... tags: 3000deutschedwglobalglobalizationwelle

Krsto Niklanovic from Montenegro | Global 3000 - Questionnaire

Kristo Niklanowitsch is 64 years old, and lives in Budva, Montenegro. He's the owner of the restaurant Jadran, located on the town ... tags: 3000deutschedwglobalglobalizationmontenegroquestionnaire

Standing Up for Change - The Global Shapers Network | Global 3000

Theyre young and well-educated. Their sights are set not on highly-paid jobs, but on working for social change. Adam Lowy, for instance, ... tags: 3000adamariadeutschedweconomicfinger

Living Room Geringswalde, Germany | Global 3000 - Global Living Rooms

Mathias Ungethm from the small town of Geringswalde in Saxony shows his living room. Here the one-time hacker lives and works within 22 ... tags: deutsche_welledwgeringswaldegermanyglobalizationglobal_3000global_living_rooms

Fashion Online - the blogger Audrey Leighton | Global 3000

Audrey Leighton is an American who lives in Paris and blogs in English. More than two million people worldwide read her blog.Read more tags: audrey_leightonblogbloggerindeutsche_welledwfashionglobalization