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Who REALLY Holds the Power In DC?

Think You Know Where The Center of Power and Money In The Nation's Capital Is If You Think It's The White House Or Capitol Hill, You're ...

Rand Paul Is Too Intolerant To Be Called A 'Libertarian,' Says Party's Presidential Candidate

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson disputes Sen. Rand Paul's Libertarian credentials

Obama Should Start Firing People, Says Gary Johnson

2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson tells Larry Pres. Obama is weak on hiring and firing actions in his ...

Top Gun 2: Val Kilmer Talks About The Possibility Of Top Gun Sequel And The Loss of Tony Scott

Actor Val Kilmer talks to Larry King about the possibilty of a 'Top Gun' sequel and the tragic loss of Director Tony Scott.

Magic Johnson's Daughter, Natalie Portman and Heat 2? Val Kilmer Answers "If You Only Knew"

Actor Val Kilmer talks to Larry King about his and his son's first kiss and a possible plot for a sequel to 'Heat.'

Jesse Ventura Calls For Grassroots Movement and Access To Presidential Debates

Jesse Ventura is setting the stage for his 2016 presidential run as an independent. During an interview with Larry King on 'Larry King ...

ACLU President Susan Herman Talks Big Government Taking Liberties

How much has the police state expanded since 9/11, and is there any way to stop it Herman sat down with Editor-in-Chief Nick ... tags: acluAl-Awlakisanwar_al-awlakiBigCurbingexpandingexpanding_police_state