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Stocks dive as corporate profits weaken

Drop in manufacturing and poor earnings from bellwether companies such as WalMart send investors fleeing, plus, home foreclosures on track ...

Foreclosures down; 2013 forecast to have lowest rate in 6 years

New numbers show foreclosures went down 31 percent last month, from the same time a year ago and 2013 is shaping up to have the lowest ...

Obama: Build a "rock-solid" housing system

As the housing market continues healing, President Obama said in his weekly address on Saturday, Congress should build on this progress by ...

Survey finds home foreclosures up

A new survey revealed the number of homes in foreclosure jumped dramatically last month as banks began getting their paperwork back in ...

Foreclosure nightmare may not be over

Recent data shows the millions more homeowners could be foreclosed upon in the near future. Betty Nguyen reports.

Housing and mortgage crisis in Spain

In a country racked by huge levels of youth unemployment, imploding banks with questionable balance sheets, and the implementation of ... tags: austeritycrisisevictionsforcedforeclosuresmeasuresmortgage

Forced evictions in Spain

The Spanish Association of Registrars considers that during 2012 over 30 thousand houses were seized by the banks and another 11 thousand ... tags: AssociationbanksforeclosuresHousingMadridofPress

Occupy LA protesters set up camp at foreclosed home

Occupiers from Los Angeles are pitching tents again to demand an end to foreclosures. They have established an encampment at a home in the ... tags: bankscrisiseconomyfinancialforeclosureshomesOccupy

Occupy LA activists demand moratorium on all foreclosures

Foreclosure fraud is on the rise in California and Occupy Los Angeles activists say elected officials are doing nothing to stop it. tags: crisiseconomyfinancialforeclosuresoccupy