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Tubulação de gás explode e chamas chegam a 30 metros

A comunidade Enka no estado da Carolina do Norte EUA presenciou estas chamas que chegaram a 30 metros de altura. O fogo era oriundo de uma ... tags: chamaschegamexplodegásmetrosTubulaçãozoomin

Giant tire burst - So dangerous!

Crazy When a giant tire explodes it gives THAT.... A violent a terrible BURST. tags: burstcrazyexplodeexplosionhurtinjuredtire

Vagão com petróleo explode nos EUA

Moradores de Casselton, na Dakota do Norte, tiveram de deixar as casas depois que um trem carregado com petrleo descarrilou nas ... tags: comEUAEXPLODEnospetróleoPETROLEOTREM

Tire truck explosion - Amazing and violent!

Poor guy, he put his foot on this tire truck who will explode... So violent tags: Explodeexplodedexplosionhurtinjuredinjurytire

Taliban detonate large truck bomb

The Taliban detonate a large truck bomb near a U.S. military base in Kunduz, Afghanistan. It is unknown how many people were injured or ... tags: bombexplodeexplosionkunduzrawTalibantruck

Wrecking whale, Miley Cyrus Explodes a dead Whale.. Funny!

So funny parody... the cute Miley Cyrus explodes a dead Whale with her wreckng ball... So funny tags: deadexplodefunnyhumormiley_cyrusparodyso_funny

Barney The Dinosaur ‘Killed' During 1997 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

In 1997, thousands of kids were traumatized while watching the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. Due to powerful winds, Barney the purple ... tags: Barneybarney_the_dinosaurdeaddinosaurexplodehlidaykill

Dead Whale explosion. Violent!

A dead whale exploded after a guy opened the belly of the whale corps. Violent explosion due to gaz tags: amazingAnimalBellyburstdeadexplodeexplosion

Deadly bombing at Baghdad cafe

ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION Two bombs exploded outside a cafe in Baghdad on Monday November 25, killing 17 people and wounding 37, ... tags: BaghdadbombscutDeadlyexplodeleastnarration

Baghdad cafe bombing

At least 17 people died as two bombs exploded outside a cafe in the Iraqi capital on Monday. Another 37 have been wounded. It was the ... tags: andChapmandozensexplodeIraqioutsidepeople

How to destroy a young indian boy.... ahaha

Crazy indian boys, trying to put their friend on the moon with a gaz bottle. DUMB TEENS tags: boycrazydestroyexplodeexplosiongazindia

Design FX - Fast & Furious 6: Explosive Effects Exclusive

In this exclusive video from WIRED and Conde Nast Entertainment, find out how director Justin Lin filmed Dominic Toretto's Vin Diesel's ... tags: animationAntonovbroockcarschasechipChris_Bridges