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Ukraine in the spotlight as EU summit wraps-up

As EU leaders gathered for the last time in 2013, a post-mortem on Ukraines apparent shun of closer ties, was very much high on the ... tags: EuropeEuropean_UnionEU_SummitspotlightsummittheUkraine

Stop the clichés about Luxembourg, says new PM Xavier Bettel

He was the surprise winner of Luxembourgs elections in October. Xavier Bettel 40 years old, the centre-right former mayor of Luxembourg ... tags: aboutBettelEuropean_UnionEU_SummitLuxembourgnewsays

Ukraine fails to sign landmark deal at EU summit

A miracle did not happen.European Union leaders and Ukraine have, as expected, failed to sign an historic free-trade deal after a last- ... tags: dealEU-Ukraine_2013EU_SummitfailslandmarksignSummit

Frosty dinner predicted in Vilnius as EU leaders set to meet with Ukraine's President Viktor ...

There is a bitter chill in Vilnius. How much will the weather reflect any diplomatic recriminations when EU leaders meet with Ukraines ... tags: dinnerEU-Ukraine_2013EU_SummitleaderspredictedsetSummit

The EU's Eastern Partnership: a programme where half the prospective members drop out

The European Union launched its Eastern Partnership programme in 2009, with a view to encompassing six countries of the former Soviet ... tags: dropEasternEuropean_UnionEU_SummithalfLithuaniamembers

Leaders arrive in Vilnius for EU summit

EU leaders have arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania for the Eastern Partnership Summit. Both EU and Ukrainian officials said on Thursday that the ... tags: arriveEuropean_UnionEU_SummitforLeadersLithuaniasummit

Ukraine: tens of thousands hold vigil in Kyiv to urge signing of EU trade deal

Tens of thousands of people gathered in the centre of Kyiv, on Thursday evening, holding a vigil to urge the prime minister to sign a trade ... tags: dealEU-Ukraine_2013EU_SummitholdKievsigningtrade

EU summit overshadowed by spying row as US faces tough questions

As Europes leaders gather in Brussels, there is likely to be one subject dominating the EU summit did the US spy on the German Chancellor ...

EU summit: jobs and growth | Made in Germany - Interview

Our Studio Guest is Ansgar Belke, German Institute of Economic Research DIW Economist at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Fight for the Euro - Chancellor Merkel under pressure | People & Politics

With the whole world watching closely, German Chancellor Angela Merkel emerged from the EU summit saying she and fellow European leaders ...

EU Summit to End Blair's Reign

Discussion on the EU summit from Vox Politix on tags: EuropeEUSummitEUTreatyVoxPolitix

Guilfoyle: "Pricing in Chance of Disappointment"

12/07/11 Meridian Equity Partners' Stephen Guilfoyle discusses expectations for the ECB rate decision and the EU summit, including possible ... tags: bailout_fund_efsfdollar_liquidityenglishnyfpesmeuroeuro-zoneeu_summit