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Futuristic gadgets on display

Gadgets of the future at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. For example, this might be how your boss looks ... tags: ElectronicsFromgadgetsholdsInternationalLasplant

How To Avoid Obsolescence: The Most Stunning, Simple & Upgradable Gaming PC Ever

Gaming on the PC has always offered a fantastic experience for it's users. You can use a mouse and keyboard, or a console controller. You ... tags: DigitalEdgeElectronicsFunGizmosNewNext

Is This The First Activity Tracker To Get It Right

2013 was the year that activity trackers moved from gimmicky toys to a legitimate product category. And now at CES in 2014 we're seeing a ... tags: DigitalElectronicsGizmosJayBirdMonitorNewNext

She'll Think You're A Rockstar The Next Time You Sing

Karaoke in it's essence is a pretty fun activity. The only problem, which all of us have undoubtedly experienced, is that the people who ... tags: AutoBuyDigitalElectronicsGearGizmosNew

How This Desk Will Get You In Shape

As it turns out, sitting down at your desk all day isn't too great for your health. For most of us, the best option has been to try to get ... tags: BuyDigitalElectronicsGizmosNewNextRumors

Curved TVs, wearable devices at CES

The next big thing could be right here - at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Samsung is helping define this year's 'big ... tags: andconceptdevicesdisplayedElectronicsKitchenerTVs

January Kickstarters: Ugo 8

Check It Out Here Closing Date February 25th Basic Pledge Cost 75 What You Get One Original Ugo in glossy black. Half the people reading ... tags: AndroidCassetteChargeDigitalElectronicsGizmosNew

January Kickstarters: XRAY FM 10

Check It Out Here Closing Date January 18th Basic Pledge Cost 25 What You Get The obligatory XRAY tote bag. The people behind XRAY were fed ... tags: DigitalElectronicsGizmosNewNextOnlineRumors

January Kickstarters: Umidi 9

Check It Out Here Closing Date January 18th Basic Pledge Cost 845 What You Get One custom umidi DJ Controller. There are plenty of gadgets ... tags: BuyDigitalElectronicsGizmosMenMusicNew

January Kickstarters: One Million Bicycle 7

Check It Out Here Closing Date January 29th Basic Pledge Cost 10 What You Get One Bicycle One Million deck. Elite Playing Cards was founded ... tags: BuyDigitalElectronicsFunGizmosMenNew

January Kickstarters: Declan Squared 3

Check It Out Here Closing Date January 16th Basic Pledge Cost 5 What You Get One 6x8-inch pocket cloth. Dual-purpose products are great ... tags: BuyDigitalElectronicsGeekGizmosNewNext