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Drunk Vs. Stoned

To test if people function better drunk or stoned, I got really drunk one night and then really high on another night and made this video. tags: alcoholdrinkingDrugsmarijuanaoriginal_videopotstoned

Should Doctors Be Doing More To Prevent Problem Drinking?

According to the CDC, not enough doctors in the U.S. are talking to patients about the risk of problem drinking. tags: alcoholicalcoholismbinge_drinkingCenters_for_Disease_Controldrinkingdrinking_alcoholdrinking_too_much

I Definitely Wanted To Kill Myself

Comedian Rob Delaney talks frankly about his deep depression and near suicide. tags: drinkinghumanjessica_simpsonjetkim_kardashianlarry_kingrob_delaney

I Was In Jail In A Wheelchair

Comedian Rob Delaney opens up about his struggle with addiction and mental health issues. tags: drinkinghumanjessica_simpsonjetkim_kardashianlarry_kingrob_delaney

The Truth About The Speedo

Comedian Rob Delaney tells the story behind his infamous bright green speedo Twitter profile photo. tags: drinkinghumanjessica_simpsonjetkim_kardashianlarry_kingrob_delaney

Madonna partage une photo controversée de son fils Rocco

Madonna partage une photo de son fils Rocco avec une bouteille d'alcool la main. Petit problme il n'a que 13 ans. tags: AplsCelebritydrinkingInstagramliquor_bottleMadonnaRocco_Ritchie

Madonna Posts Controversial Photo of Son Rocco

Madonna posted a picture to her Instagram recently showing her son Rocco holding a bottle of liquor. The only problem is he's only 13 years ... tags: AplsCelebritydrinkingInstagramliquor_bottleMadonnaRocco_Ritchie

40oz Of Adventure: Blake and Mortimer - The Tables of Babylon (#1)

I drink a 40 and play an Adventure game. So what Fair warning bad English in this game. About the game '1956 The Suez Crisis. While Paris, ... tags: 40_ozadventure_gameBlake_and_Mortimerdrinkingdrunkfrench_gamelets_play

Less entertainment, more religion

One of the key objectives of religion is to reform peoples wasteful lifestyles. Such reform is a necessity if any real change can be made ... tags: dancingdrinkingentertainmentgamblingIslamIslamic_lifestyleMuslims