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Mercury spill bigger, more costly than expected

Metropolitan Sewer Distric officials have said the spill in June at the Little Miami Wastewater Treatment Plant came from flow meters that ... tags: chemical_leakCincinnati_mercury_spillcostly_cleanupMetropolitan_Sewer_DistrictOhio_Environmental_Impact_Assessmentpublic_health_concern

MSD shows $1,368,300 of public funds already spent to clean up mercury

Cleaning up the spill that happened back in June in Cincinnati has already cost more than 1.3 million and it appears there's still a ways ... tags: chemical_leakCincinnati_mercury_spillcostly_cleanupMetropolitan_Sewer_DistrictOhio_Environmental_Impact_Assessmentpublic_health_concern

Whirlpool officals say leaked chemical at site is safe

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality is reviewing Whirlpool's final plan to get rid of a chemical that leaked from one of its ... tags: Arkansaschemical_leakChemox_testingDepartmentEnvironmentalFort_Smith_groundwater_contaminationJeffery_Noel

State to reveal molasses spill assessment information

Hawaii officials are expected to provide an update on the molasses spill that killed thousands of fish that happened one month ago.

Homeowners skeptical of Whirlpool's cleanup plan

Whirlpool will meet with city leaders in Fort Smith Tuesday to talk about plans to clean up a chemical leak that contaminated groundwater.

Molasses fish kill now turned into farm fertilizer

KITV4 follows the trail of the molasses fish kill that happened two and a half weeks ago in Honolulu Harbor.

State Attorney General: Molasses cleanup needs to be complete

Matson's massive molasses spill may have dissipated in the Honolulu harbor, but work is still underway to determine the full extent of ...

Molasses pooling near Honolulu Harbor keeps people away from the water

Molasses is trapped in pools near Honolulu Harbor, and people are still advised not to go in or on the water.

Shipper will pay for Hawaii molasses spill cleanup

Matson showed lawmakers how the plume dissipated in Honolulu Harbor, and reassured that Hawaii residents will not have to pay for the ...

Faulty pipe was not supposed to be in use at time of spill

A complete annihilation of marine life in the Honolulu harbor. That's the assessment of the Department of Health regarding the molasses ...

Molasses spill could stick around for weeks

Thousands of dead fish continue to litter the waters after a major molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor.

Honolulu Harbor molasses spill spreads

A massive molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor killed thousands of fish, and now the sugary mess has spread into Keehi lagoon.