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Carré rouge sur fond noir - un film de Santiago Bertolino et Hugo Samson

EN SALLE DS LE 30 AOT 2013 AU CINMA EXCENTRIS EN SALLE DS LE 6 SEPTEMBRE 2013 AU CINMA CARTIER ... tags: Carré_rougecharestclasseetudiantgrabriel_nadeau_duboisgrèveQuébec

Premier Refers to a Possible Election

Quebec Premier Jean Charest spoke to reporters at the National Assembly Tuesday.Powered by Producer CBC tags: CharestJean

Quebec's Jean Charest Is the Longest Serving Premier Currently in Power. But if He Calls an ...

Franois Legault, leader of the Coalition Avenir Qubec, unveiled his party's slogan for the election campaign 'That's enough, it's got to ... tags: CharestJeanQuebec

Quebec Premier Calls Provincial Election for September 4th

Quebec voters will head to the polls in September, after Premier Jean Charest asked the province's lieutenant-governor today to dissolve ... tags: CanadaCharestJeanQuebec

Some Parties Left Out of TV Debates

Four campaign debates - one on Radio-Canada and three on rival network TVA - leave some leaders in the cold.Powered by ... tags: CanadaCharestJeanQuebec

Leader Jean Charest Announces Senior Measures

Campaign pledges stacked up on Friday, with Quebec political parties promising everything from family doctors for every resident to helping ... tags: CharestJeanQuebec

Charest Responds to the Radio Canada Investigation

Jean Charest has denied any intervention in a Quebec provincial police investigation of Eddy Brandone, a former treasurer of ... tags: BrandoneCanadaCharestEddyJeanQuebec

Co-Spokesman of CLASSE, the Most Militant of Quebec's Student Associations, Steps Down

Saying his organization 'needs fresh faces,' Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois announces he is stepping down as co-spokesperson of CLASSE, the more ... tags: CanadaCharestDuboisGabrielJeanNadeauQuebec

Comment by François Legault That Suggests Quebec Youth Are Lazy Has Sparked Vigorous Debate

Jean Charest plans to increase student involvement and volunteer work by modifying Quebec's high school programs.Powered by ... tags: CanadaCharestFrançoisJeanLegaultQuebec

Jean Charest's Former Justice Minister Won't Run in Premier's Riding to Try to Unseat Him

Jean Charest's former justice minister says he won't run in the premier's riding to try to unseat him, but he is urging voters in ... tags: BellemareCanadaCharestJeanMarcQuebec

Québec : les gaz de schistes s'invitent dans la campagne

Prsentation du projet nergtique de la candidate souverainiste PQ Pauline Marois. Son parti est favori dans les sondages pour les lections ... tags: électionscanadacharestgazmaroisprovincialesquebec