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Transform Napkins Into 3 Logic Puzzles! - Scam School

Brian shows off 3 puzzles using napkins. No need for any fancy equipment here... and they're absorbent for all that free beer you may spill ... tags: bar_tricksbest_scamsbest_tricksbottle_cap_tricksbrain_teasersbrain_teaser_puzzlescool_games

You Are Not Prepared for THE GENTLEMAN'S GAME - Scam School

David Rangel is back with a card trick AND a game that will screw them out of a free drink. tags: best_scamsbest_tricksbrain_teasersbrain_teaser_puzzlescard_magiccard_tricksdavid_rangel

300th Episode! (Oh. And a RAD Card Trick) - Scam School

We've had a blast these last 300 episodes and Brian has saved one of his favorite tricks for lucky 300. tags: best_scamsbest_tricksbrain_teasersbrain_teaser_puzzlescard_magicdavid_rangelfour_of_a_kind

Even More Secrets to Picking Up Girls at the Bar! - Scam School

Brainteasers abound Dating coach, Adam Lyons, is back to share some tricks to meeting people. tags: adam_lyonsat_barsbest_scamsbest_tricksbrainteasersbrain_teaser_puzzlesmagic

The HARDEST Puzzle... Part 2! - Scam School

We're back with a sequel to our most popular puzzle challenge. Brush up on your order of operations and get ready to face the Four 4s tags: best_scamsbest_tricksbrainteasersbrain_teasersbrain_teaser_puzzlesfour_4smagic

Six Ways to Escape from Handcuffs, Zip Ties & Duct Tape! - Scam School

Get ready to learn some life skills - Brian teaches us a bunch of different ways to escape from handcuffs.

How to Move an Object With YOUR MIND! - Scam School

Greg Rostami joins Brian to amaze us with his telekinesis trickery by moving a ring with some ingenious psychic powers

Impress Everyone with this BADASS Coin Trick! - Scam School

Magician Marcus Eddie is back with a simple coin trick that will have you labeled as a sorcerer.

Incredible Strength Stunt Gone Terribly WRONG! - Scam School

Not for the squeamish Dennis Rogers is back with a crazy stunt driving a nail through a big board... with his hand. This feat takes lots of ...

Insane Stunts of Strength Plus a Puzzle Challenge! - Scam School

Watch as strongman Dennis Rogers shows off his world famous skills. Yes, he actually did just roll up that frying pan. THEN Brian matches ...

It's the Poison Cup Challenge! - Scam School

Which beer is safe for Brian to drink Get ready for this cringe-worthy scam. tags: bar_scambest_scamsbest_tricksbrain_teasersbrain_teaser_puzzlescool_gamesmagic

Super Fun, Super Simple Match Trick! - Scam School

In this episode we stump our guests with a puzzle that requires the simplest of props All you need are some matchsticks and either a coin, ... tags: barsbar_magicbar_scamsbar_tricksbeerbrainteasersbrian_brushwood