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US Senate approves Janet Yellen as the next chair if the Federal reserve

Janet Yellen has been officially approved by the US Senate to take the reins at the FederalReserve. She becomes the first women to lead the ... tags: approveschairFederalFederal_ReserveJanetnextSenate

Senate approves Janet Yellen as Fed chair

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION The U.S. Senate kicks off its 2014 session and made history by approving Janet Yellen as the first woman to ... tags: approvesCutFedFederalheadJanetreporter

U.S. House strongly approves budget pact

House Majority Leader John Boehner brings down the gavel as the House overwhelmingly approves a two-year bipartisan budget brokered by ... tags: approvescutdealHouseoverwhelminglypactreporter

U.S. House of Representatives approves budget bill

The United States House of Representatives voted on Thursday night to ease across-the-board federal spending cuts and prevent future ... tags: ApprovesBillBudgetHouseHouse_Of_RepresentativesRepresentativesSenate

LG G Flex torture test, Galaxy Note 3 lite, FTC approves Microsoft+Nokia & more - Pocketnow Daily

LG G Flex torture test, Galaxy Note 3 lite, FTC approves Microsoft+Nokia more - Pocketnow Daily tags: approvesDailyFlexFTCGalaxyLGlite

Germany approves third gender option for intersex newborns

Babies born in Germany with both male and female characteristics known as intersex can now have their gender left blank on birth ...

Italian government approves tax-cut budget

The Italian government has approved next year's budget with tax cuts shifting the burden to government bureaucracy from taxpayers in a bid ...

Italian national airline approves capital increase to avoid bankruptcy

The announcement made on Thursday by Italy's civil aviation ENAC that

EU Parliament approves new border surveillance system

The European Parliament has voted on a new border surveillance system.The legislation aims to bring down the number of illegal immigrants ...

Vatican approves financial transparency law

The Vatican has responded to the international community's demands for change, by passing a law to make its public finances fully ...

Ecuador approves drilling for oil in Yasuni Amazon reserve

After a ten-hour debate, Ecuador's parliament has approved drilling for oil in Yasuni National Park.Yasuni, in the western Amazon region, ...

House bill passed

In a late night congressional session, House Republicans approved a government spending bill but attached an amendment that will delay ...