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QA Do You Believe In God?

Yes I totally believe in god 100 percent. But I wonder how much of the world doesn't if it is only a small amount of people who just purely ... tags: AnswerBeliefBelieve_InDo_youeXistGodQA

Ask DeFranco - The Philip DeFranco Show

Happy New Year, Nation I haven't done a QA in a little while, so I thought I would sit down and A some Qs on my last day of vacation tags: answerfacebookphilip_defrancoquestionsxephiltwitteryoutube

Only Anelka can answer to gesture - Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that the FA investigation into Nicolas Anelka's 'quenelle' celebration is more complex that the ... tags: answerArsenalArsene_WengerFootballJack_WilshereManchester_CityOnly

Jeopardy Contestant Answers Batman Question With Bane Voice

Craig was given the opportunity and he didnt squander it. When asked on Jeopardy who was the masked villain in The Dark Knight Rises, he ... tags: answerawesomeBanebatmancontestanfunnyjeopardy

Let Scott Answer - How To Deal With Being Bald

Being Bald really isn't such a bad thing Seriously it's not don't worry about it I go through your mental structure of getting over your ... tags: AnswerBaldBeingDealHowLetScott

Jeremy Paxman gets it WRONG on University Challenge

Here's the moment Jeremy Paxman give students on University Challenge the INCORRECT answer to a question tags: answerincorrectJeremy_PaxmanquestiontelevisionUniversity_Challengewrong

Let Scott Answer - What Does Love Mean?

What is the definition of love What does love mean to you Is marriage even a good idea even more Love means many things to many different ... tags: AnswerDoesLetLoveLove_MeaningMeanMeaning_Of_Love

Let Scott Answer - How To Break Being Camera Shy?

How TO break being camera shy and not freak out while your recording or using a camera. There are many ways or techniques you can use and ... tags: AnswerBeingBreakCameraHowLetScott

Let Scott Answer - Is Racism Wrong?

I answer the questions is Racism right I've given a get deal of thought about it over my lifetime and I have came to you with the final ... tags: AnswerBlackIsLetRacismScottWhite

I found a special discount for Get Cash For Surveys (no review)

found a special discount for Get Cash For Surveys no reviewThe discount ...A big wallet starts with lots of work. The more work you put ... tags: answerCashforGetonlinepaidquestions