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MSL Launch Day Intro

NASA Launch Commentator George Diller opens launch coverage. tags: Launch Mars MSL nasakennedyLaunchMarsMSL

NASA to launch new Mars rover

NASA will launch its latest Mars rover, Curiosity, on Saturday. It is the agency's most ambitious mission yet to discover if life ever ... tags: Al Curiosity English Jazeera mars NASA Tom Ackerman

Mars Rover Ready on This Week @NASA

The NASA Mars Science Laboratory is on the launch pad at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, ready to begin its journey to the ... tags: KSC Mars MSL nasatelevision Rover This Week

Curiosity Rover Prepped to Begin 300 Million-Mile Journey to Mars

Hari caught up Richard Cook of the Mars Science Laboratory mission to discuss the Curiosity rover, its hovering rocket landing system and ... tags: Cape Canaveral chemistry Hari Sreenivasan Hour mars Mars Science Laboratory opportunity

"Lighters" / "Super Bass" MASHUP!!

Guys, this is Aime Proal go check out her channel NOW Here for this will be up really really soon guys, sorry, check back 1Can you name ... tags: aimee bruno cover halo hugo i gotta feeling kurt

Big Shot - D-Pryde Featuring August Rigo (Directed By: Rik Cordero)

Big house, big money, big car, big shows, big boobs, big chains, big watch, big oppurtunity...Big Shot. Big shouts to August Rigo for ... tags: August Cordero D-Pryde Dpryde lyrics MARS mixtape

Why Did God Ask Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac?

Did God really ask Abraham to murder his son, Isaac It sounds crazy, and completely counterintuitive. But, as Pastor Mark explains, it's ... tags: Abraham Ask Church Did Driscoll Genesis God

US launches robot seeking signs of life on Mars

The biggest and most advanced robotic rover ever heads to Mars on Saturday on a mission to hunt for inhabitable environments. AFPTV looks ... tags: AFP MARS SCIENCE SPACE USAFPMARS

Curiosity Ready to Rove Mars

The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover is poised to liftoff on an Atlas V rocket bound for the red planet on an exploration mission ... tags: Curiosity Mars MSL nasatelevisionCuriosityMarsMSL