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Loaded: iPhone 5, iPad 3 to embrace 4G

The Kindle speaks two new languages, Yahoo and Bing release their top search terms for 2012, and the next versions of the iPhone and iPad ... tags: 4g LTE bing CNET technology news CNETTV ipad iphone kindle

Loaded: App Store adds subscription-based games

Microsoft silently fights SOPA, Penguin pulls e-books from libraries, and Apple's App Store now offers games with monthly subscriptions. tags: app store AT&T CNET CNETTV digital books digital library FCC

Loaded: Facebook's Buffy: The Smartphone Slayer

Amazon is selling many smartphones for just a penny through Cyber Monday, Microsoft uses bacon to entice potential employees to its Kinect ... tags: Adobe Creative Suite bacon Buffy CNET CNETTV content rating systems

Loaded: Music labels pull out of Spotify

Windows Phone reached 40000 apps, Android is a growing target for malware attacks, and 200 labels have severed ties with streaming music ... tags: Android malware Arrested Development CNET EA Electronic Arts FOX freemium

Re: Is Onision a Millionare?

Response to How dare Onision make more money than us. For Shame According to SocialBlade I make over 100 bucks a day LOL ... tags: bags bank behind butler crazy deal did

Loaded: Google Music plays up sharing, free storage

Web sites black out their pages to protest online censorship and SOPA, the Salvation Army is using Square, and Google Music arrives with ... tags: AIM AOL CNET CNETTV Google Music instant messenger Loaded