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rough sea ferry crossing in Playa del Carmen - YouTube

The tiny ship was tossed, if not for the... actually the ferry crossing from Playa Del Carmen can be a little rough, but it looks worst ... tags: Boat boating Boats Carmen Carnival Cozumel crossing

Ibiza, Spain: Top Activities and Tourist Destinations

This tiny island has a reputation as a haven for party animals however, there is much more to see and do when visiting this beautiful spot. ... tags: activities art attractions Balearic Islands beach biking boat

Travel Guide: Ibiza, Spain

This tiny Spanish island is famous for its nightlife, but is also home to over 80 idyllic beaches, rich culture and beautiful architecture. ... tags: architecture art Balearic Islands beach boat boating climate

How to Properly Tie Up Your Boat to a Mooring Buoy

More than 470 mooring buoys are made available to boaters in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary as an alternative to dropping anchor ... tags: boat boaters boating buoy Florida Keys Marine

Buoy Work in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Teams of working divers manage more than 700 mooring and marker buoys inside Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Some buoys provide ... tags: boat boaters boating buoys Keys Marine moorings

Playa Del Carmen Beach 2012 - YouTube HD

Sunny and hot but windy day makes for great surf in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. music by Hungry Lucy 03 - Balloon Girl tags: 2012 Adventure all bar Beach Boat boating

Stuff of Genius - Christopher Cockerell and the Hovercraft

Christopher came from a smart family, and he was no exception to the rule. Tune in to learn how the purchase of a marina inspired this ... tags: boat boating cockerell float floating fly flying

Stuff of Genius - Ole Evinrude and the Outboard Motor

Ole Evinrude grew up loving machines, but he may never have stumbled across the Stuff of Genius if he hadn't had a grueling quest for ice ... tags: boat boating engine evinrude genius How howstuffworks

A hard-working Realtor on Chicago's lakefront

Mike Cortez likes to think of his boat in Belmont Harbor and various venues near Wrigley Field as his office. Is there a client who ... tags: Belmont Harbor Boating Boats Coldwell Banker Condos Cubs Lake Michigan