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That Awkward Moment by Poetri

We all have moments. Here are just a few of mine. I hope you enjoy. If so, please 'like', comment rather you like or don't like...i prefer ...

The Woman (By Poetri) (Based on Proverbs 7)

This poem was physically written by Poetri. But, I need to truly say that it was already spiritually written by GOD many many many years ...

The Games We Play at Spoken Funk. Hosted by Poetri. (Episode 2)

MUST SEE What happens at the end when it is down to two players. Spoken Funk is so much more than just poetry and comedy. It's about fun. ...

Poetri's Poetry Workshop is BACK!!! For two dates only! Feb 12th and 15th

Poetri is One of the first poets ever to win a Tony Award for writing his own material. Emmy Award Winner for his role teaching kids poetry ...

Be You. By Poetri

I'm excited about this poem. Performed at the World famous Da' Poetry Lounge towards the end of last year, it is perfect for me and anyone ...

What if this was it? By Poetri

Was tired of Facebooking...tired of retweeting tweets...and was unlinked from LinkedIN. So, I wrote a poem about how I was feeling at that ...

Restaurants by Poetri (LIVE performance at Da' Poetry Lounge)

Poetri does a poem about Monsanto in only a way that Poetri can. Filmed by GREEN BOX at the World Famous Da' Poetry Lounge, the poem is ...

Words are Powerful. By Poetri

Been writing a lot lately. I hope you enjoy this one. I want to read this publicly or to myself every day if I can cause ...

Funny but truthful anology of the Government Shut Down by Poetri

The Government Shut Down spoken in words and pictures that even a child can understand. Truthful and sometimes funny about our government. ...

I eat. By Poetri

It seems like I am always eating. So, I wrote another poem about it. This is my 459th one this year. Can anyone relate to this one Spoken ...

My Response To Kendrick. (A poem by Poetri)

Staking my claim as the first poet to respond with a poem about that Kendrick Lamar verse that he dropped on 'Control'. Everyone from ...

Rules For Dating ANY of My Daughters By Poetri

I am a daddy. Don't hold that against me. I have two princesses. I am not even sure if I spelled that right. But, either way, they are my ...