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Favorites of katalves3

Favorites Of Katalves3


Wolfbat by Tahno feat. Avatar Korra ( Justin Bieber Boyfriend The Legend of Korra Parody)

Tumblr = link = I was your wolf bat, I'd never let you lose.Give you private lessons. Baby you know you'll improve.Devil with a curl, ...

Makorra • My Turning Page || [LoK Finale Tribute]

WATCH IN 1080HD.PLEASE READTumblr ...Aaaand this is the main reason why I haven't gotten started on my other videos/why I haven't ...

Avatar The Last Airbender Dubstep Rap (Remix of None Like Josh)

Remix of None Like Josh's Legend of Korra RapSpecial Thanks To Josh For Letting Me Use His Beat Out The Original Verse Legend of Korra ...

When You Believe (Finale Tribute) //Korra and Avatar

Note Tears were shed in the process of making this AMVSo um...everyone knows I have feelings about the season finale of Korra. I have a ...

The Bloodbending Brothers - Never Too Late

Noatak and Tarrlok were always in their father's shadow. The day they discovered they were waterbenders, their fate was decided for them. ...

*[SPED UP]* Avatar: The Legend of Korra ep The Revelation

the Fire Ferrets are training for the championship tournament, they are told they need to raise 30,000 yuans in order to be in tournament. ...

*[SPED UP]* Avatar: The Legend of Korra ep A Leaf in the Wind

begins her training under Tenzin. However, Korra is quick to give up when it doesn't come easily to her. She soon becomes interested in the ...

*[SPED UP]* Avatar: The Legend of Korra ep Welcome To Republic City

years have passed since Avatar Aang defeated Firelord Ozai and saved the world. Now, his successor, Korra, is training to be the new ...

Mean Girls Trailer (Legend of Korra & Avatar Style)

Hahaha...ha. Yeah, that's basically all I can say about this. I've had this ready for a little while so I'm not ignoring my ...