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Newt Gingrich - Website Critique

02/16/12 - A website critique of the New Gingrich campaign website, from the standpoint of conversions.

Ron Paul - Website Critique

02/16/12 - A website critique of the Ron Paul campaign website, from the standpoint of conversions. While they don't have an ...

Rick Santorum - Website Critique (and an SEO problem)

02/16/12 - A website critique of the website of Rick Santorum's campaign, looking at the site from a conversion standpoint. The ...

Mitt Romney Versus Barack Obama - Website Critique

02/16/12 - A site evaluation of the website for Mitt Romney, as compared to Barack Obama. One will see that Romney's site is not ...

Blog Posts: Email or the Blog?

Do you prefer content to come to you in your email Or you go look for it when you're in 'reading mode'

Everything SUCKS! (Or So They'd Have You Think)

12/22/11 - This is a video excerpt from the Time Master Formula course. I wanted to release it publicly because I think ...

Typical State Of My Office

11/23/11 - On a whim, I pilled out my iPhone and recorded a quickie video of what my office looked like while I was working. Why ...

Headway 3 Preview - Literally DRAW Your Wordpress Theme

11/18/11 - A sneak peak of Headway Theme version 3. You can literally DRAW your Wordpress theme on screen and fine-tune it ...

The New Blogging Headquarters

10/30/11 - A super-quick look at the new pad. Just moved in about a week ago. Still things to do, but this is where there ...

How To Promote Affiliate Products Without Pitching Anything

08/10/11 - Here is a quick and easy tip on how to promote affiliate products to your audience without being perceived as ...

Selecting A Theme for Wordpress

07/25/11 - With Wordpress freshly installed, we need to select a theme for the site. Mentioned in this video Elegant Themes ...

How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog

07/25/11 - In this video, you'll watch me set up a brand new blog, from start to finish. You'll watch me buy a domain, set up ...