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Favorites of WhiteRockReporter

Favorites Of WhiteRockReporter


'Golden Cactus..' -a story- White Rock. 'Int'l Artist Day' Founder Chris MacClure speaks to Mich.

Chris MacClure. Artist www.internationalartistday.comMichelle Herli is speaking to Chris MacClure during the 25th ...

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how 'power ...

NASA's Curiosity Finds Ancient Streambed - First Evidence of Water on Mars

... NASA Mars Rover 'Curiosity' finds remnants of an ancient streambed on Martian surface. Curiosity science team member Sanjeev Gupta ...

Making Money With Affiliate Programs for Beginners

This was a conference session titled Making Money With Affiliate Programs for Beginners from Affiliate Summit West 2011, which took place ...

Whale Watching Discovery Tours 2012. From White Rock Pier. Peter Stolting, Owner Speaking.

When did you see a live killer whale and or, Orcas, or a sea lion or three and seals, last timeNow you can leave White Rock and let Peter ...

White Rock Farmers' Market . Piano Played by Dominik ; Music of Culture & Hamburg

Hugely popular Sunday entertainment for tourists and local visitors the White Rock Farmers' Market on Russell Avenue.Today , Sun. 9th Sep ...

The PEAK Commercial Contest - Michelle

The Peak is moving to a new frequency. Stronger signal and better reach throughout the Lower Mainland. This video was produced for a ...

"Gods Little Acre" Surrey BC. - Potatoes & More to Food Banks by Donations & Volunteers Work.

Contact and more information on Facebook.FaceBook this video you can listen to Mr. Jas Singh telling part of the story..about what the ...

White Rock "Spirit of the Sea Festival" Sat. 4th Aug '12 "Uli's Burger & Dogs" - 'side show'.

A warm and sunny day in paradise on the White Rock Promenade....many merchants invited by the BIA, local Chamber of Commerce and of course ...

Dr. Mercola Interviews Ellen Brown about Politics of Health

Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Ellen Brown, Civil Litigation ...

Starved Humpback Whale Died on East Beach by Marine Dr., White Rock, BC, Tuesday.

Starved Humpback Whale Died on East Beach by Marine Dr., White Rock on,Tuesday morning at approximately 6 AM PST June 12, 2012. Exhausted ...

"Opening of White Rock Farmers' Market 2012. 'Miramar Plaza' by Russell Avenue".

Season Opening 27 May 2012 . This was the busy opening day gathering of about three thousand happy campers and visitors to the long awaited ...