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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

In this successful all time classic series, He-man the action adventure hero, must use his superhuman power to overcome the forces of evil. ...

Disappearing Dragons (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 80

Dragons are disappearing from Dragon Mountain, and Granamyr asks He-Man for aid in finding out where they have all gone.

The Arena (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 79

While Om, an alien composed of pure energy, visits Eternia, Skeletor attacks the Palace with a goblin army. In order to preserve life, Om ...

The Ice Age Cometh (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 78

Skeletor's minion, Icer, takes control of the Eternian Weather Station and threatens to bring a huge glacier down on the Royal Palace

The Betrayal of Stratos (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 77

Hawke, a bird-woman, falsely accuses Stratos of sabotage and exiles him only to find that Skeletor is the real culprit tampering with ...

Origin of the Sorceress (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 76

As result of an assault on Eternia by the ancient wizard Morgoth the Sorceress reveals her past to He-Man, including the events that caused ...

The Great Books Mystery (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 75

All the books on Eternia have been stolen by Batros, King of the Bat People, who intends to use their knowledge to make himself Emperor of ...

Trouble in Trolla (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 74

In Trolla, Orko and Dree Elle find it suspicious that Uncle Montork, head of the Academy of Magic, has been replaced by a young pupil, ...

The Cat and the Spider (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 73

He-Man meets Kittrina, a roguish cat-woman, and with her help defeats the dreaded demon Grimalkin which has been released by Skeletor and ...

Day of the Machines (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 72

Skeletor creates a villainous energy creature, Byte, infiltrates Man-At-Arms' master computer and causes all of the Royal Palace's defense ...

The Good Shall Survive (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 87

A leak in the Bee People's successful honey harvest flows underground, awakening the Tycons from their rocky cocoon slumber.

Jacob and The Widgets (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 86

He-Man saves Jacob, an old hermit, from one of Mer-Man's mechanical monsters. The Widgets take Jacob in and care for him, showing the old ...

To Save Skeletor (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 71

He-Man and Skeletor must join forces in order to rid Eternia of Sh'gora, a powerful alien monster summoned by Skeletor, who intends to rule ...