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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

In this successful all time classic series, He-man the action adventure hero, must use his superhuman power to overcome the forces of evil. ...

Orko's Return (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 118

Beast Man and Trap Jaw set out on their own and create an impenetrable fortress grown from magical seeds. They then kidnap Orko and hold ...

Beauty and the Beast (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 117

Teela and Orko are kidnapped by Skeletor and transported to the kingdom of Moragore to be held captive by the disfigured prince known as ...

Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 116

Man-At-Arms has created a device that can make half-size duplicates of anything, so Skeletor plans to steal it.

Time Doesn't Fly (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 115

The villain Hexon is holding the Emperor of Simbar and the Keeper of Time captive so that he can replace the Emperor as ruler of Simbar.

Battle of the Dragons (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 114

After the evil dragon Morningstar uses magic to extinguish dragon Granamyrs flame and greatly weaken him, he convinces the injured dragon ...

Happy Birthday Roboto (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 113

Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms rescue the robotic alien, Roboto, from his ship that crash-landed and make the repairs to restore his life. ...

The Eternia Flower (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 111

A young man named Jonno steals the Wind Raider and disappears on the day he is to be named Boy of the Year by King Randor. It is soon ...

Double Trouble (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 110

He-Mans old friend Kol Darr is visiting the Royal Palace leading Skeletor to take advantage of this opportunity. He kidnaps Kol Darr and ...

The Problem With Power (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 109

After Skeletor tricks He-Man into thinking he has killed a man He-Man relinquishes his Sword of Power by throwing it into the abyss. With ...

Orko's New Friend (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 112

Squonge, friend of Orko, is known for his tall tales. When Squonge discovers that the Slave Master is hiding in the nearby forest and has ...

Teela's Triumph (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 108

Skeletor transports both He-Man and the Sorceress to another dimension and in doing so, Castle Grayskull is left unguarded. Teela faces her ...

The Gambler (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 107

During the launch of Eternias newest energy source, the Coridite Reactor, a Widget named Smudge is tricked into gambling away some of the ...