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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

In this successful all time classic series, He-man the action adventure hero, must use his superhuman power to overcome the forces of evil. ...

The Cold Zone (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 130

In an attempt to calm a young boys fear, Fisto tells the story of how he went from villain to hero with the help of a young girl named ...

To Save the Creatures (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 129

On a search for Bigtooth Furlongs, Prince Adam discovers that Maddok, a villain-in-training, Maddok, has power over animals, putting ...

The Games (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 128

The Bendari, an alien race from a world with no evil, come to Eternia wanting to pit their greatest representatives of good and evil ...

The Ancient Mirror of Avathar (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 127

Prince Adam, Melaktha and Moss Man travel to Avathar Island in search of the Ancient Mirror of Avathar, which is expected provide them with ...

Capture the Comet Keeper (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 126

Skeletor imprisons Zagraz, the keeper of the comets, and tries to convince him to form an alliance. However, once he removes Zagraz from ...

The Bargain With Evil (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 125

In order to free her father from the Realm of Evil, Lady Arvela promises to bring the Starchild before Angast, ruler of the realm.

The Toy Maker (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 124

Skeletor orders the Toy Maker to send his toys into the Royal Palace by impressing Orko. Once the toys are inside the castle, they grow in ...

Mistaken Identity (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 123

When Farin, an impetuous young man, claims to be He-Man in order to impress his girlfriend, Modulok overhears the story and takes him ...

Search for a Son (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 122

Count Marzo has been secretly holding Mekanecks son captive for years as he uses the boys talent to serve as a distraction to cover his ...

The Magic Falls (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 121

Skeletor plans to sneak a disguised Kobra Khan into the Royal Palace on Eternia Day but first he kidnaps Orko and drains his powers so that ...

The Monster On the Mountain (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 120

The village of Ruxstown is thrown into a mass hysteria when a giant named The Tingler is seen roaming through the area. Cringer and Orko ...

Visitors from Earth (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 119

Two astronauts from Earth are accidentally sucked through a vortex and end up in Eternia. While Major Andrea Steele explains her cause to ...