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Filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement Currently filming Season 26COPS is an American documentary television series ...

COPS Show 2615 Airs Jan. 18th on SPIKE @ 8/7 central

'LATE NIGHT SNACKS' - Jan. 18th 8/7 central on SPIKE A fleeing vehicle goes for a spin when officers execute a perfect PIT maneuver. Cops ...

Senior Officer Kyle McDonald - Gwinnett County Police, GA

Police Officer Senior Kyle McDonald observes a hand to hand transaction. When he attempts to stop the suspect, he runs. After a two foot ...

COPS Show 2614 Airs Dec. 21st on SPIKE @ 8/7 central

'FAST FOOD ESCAPEE' - Dec. 21st 8/7 central on SPIKE When officers approach, a suspect flees into a fast food restaurant. A driver takes ...

Senior Officer Paul Tremblay - Gwinnett County Police, GA

Senior Officer Paul Tremblay of the Gwinnett County Police Department Central Precinct spots a suspicious vehicle behind a closed church. ...

Deputy Dilling - Sarasota County SO, FL

While on patrol, Deputy Dilling of the TAC Unit, hears his Lieutenant is pursuing a vehicle for failing to yield. Deputy Dilling arrives to ...

Officer Ken Collier and Nic Fox - Sacramento, CA

Officers Collier and Fox stop a male adult on a bike with no light. The suspect stops his bike, talks with Officers for a few and then ...

COPS Show 2613 Airs Dec. 14th on SPIKE @ 8/7 central

'MY JEWELRYS FRAGILE' - Dec. 14th 8/7 central on SPIKE A cyclist gets booked for trying to flee when officers pull him over. Two brothers ...

COPS Show 2612 Airs Dec. 7th on SPIKE @ 8/7 central

'BLOOD AND SCARS, BRO' / Dec. 7th 8/7 central on SPIKE A suspect races through the neighborhood after his scooter cant outrun police. Cops ...

Senior Officer Christopher Hawkins - Gwinnett County Police, GA

Senior Officer Christopher Hawkins responds to a neighbor dispute over a dog bite. One woman claims her neighbors dog killed her dog and is ...

Officer Daniel Brezik - Indianapolis, IN

Officer Daniel Brezik attempts to stop a fleeing motor scooter. The passenger bails off, and is immediately stopped by a parked car. ...

Deputy Mark Brownell - Spokane Valley Police, WA

Deputy Mark Brownell is dispatched to a call of a man running around neighborhood yelling and screaming. Suspect is located in a backyard, ...

Deputy Tyler Kullman - Spokane Valley Police, WA

Deputy Kullman assists in a pursuit of a stolen vehicle. After a brief chase the fleeing truck is disabled with a spike-strip, and pinned ...