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Real Life Bambi Rescue: Deer Rescued From Frozen Lake

THREE stricken deer were thrown a lifeline after being towed off frozen lake by a cop on a hovercraft. James Kenison and his father Doug ...

No School For My Kids: Radical Unschooling Methods

YOUVE heard of home schooling, now meet the mum who calls herself a radical unschooler. Maryanne Jacobs, from Gorebridge, Scotland, is part ...

Cyber Bullies Force Teenager To Go On Suicide Watch

TEENAGER Hannah Buckley was subjected to horrific abuse online when a computer hacker broke in to her Facebook account. Like most girls her ...

Incredible Rescue Footage: Man Survives Three Days Trapped Underwater

THE SOLE survivor of a capsized ship is rescued after THREE days spent 30 metres underwater in this astonishing video. Ship's cook Harrison ...

Hungry Raccoons Surround Father And Daughter

A gang of hungry raccoons descend on father and daughter Neal and Victoria Stevens at a rural petrol station on 19 November, 2013, near ...

Daredevils Smash World Record For Most Women In Vertical Skydive

FOUR daredevil British women have helped to break a new world record for the largest ever female vertical skydive. Laura Kenyon, Liz ...

My 14 Inch Nails Cost Me $20,000

LARUE Drummond has not cut her fingernails for eight years - costing more than 10,000 in upkeep. The mum-of-four says her 14-inch talons ...

Friendly Seal Jumps On Kayak To Welcome Tourists To The Island

Shocked holidaymaker Georgia Stephens got a cute surprise when a young seal suddenly jumped aboard her kayak in open water. Brit ...

Transgender Wedding: Happy Couple Plan For The Future

Transgender couple Mark and Jessica Lynn Cummings have found true love and are planning to marry. Mark, 49, used to be Maritza. But in 2003 ...

Airbus Temple In My Garden

AN Indian man is converting an Airbus A310 into a museum and temple. The 100ft-long aircraft was bought in an auction for 40,000 by Rakesh ...

Typhoon Haiyan: New Drone Footage Shows Destruction Of Tacloban, Philippines

THIS unique drone footage shows the devastation left behind in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.British photographer Lewis Whyldfinished building ...

102 Metres Underwater: Brit Breaks UK Freediving Record

FORMER Royal Marine Commando Michael Board became the first Brit to freedive to a depth of 102m this week. The ex-Green Beret was competing ...