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INSTA-GLOBES: Celebrities Overshare Candid Instagram Selfies from Golden Globe Awards

Networks werent the only ones covering all the fashion and gossip at the Golden Globes Sunday- celebrities filled in too. It was a popular ...

COPY CATS: Jennifer Lawrence?s Dress Creates Viral Imitations Online

Queen of the Internet Jennifer Lawrence isnt new to the viral escapades of online fans- but this might take the cake. The stars less-than ...

NJ Governor Chris Christie Investigated for Misuse of Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is back in the hot seat after the Bridgegate Scandal of last week. Christie is now being investigated ...

16 and (NOT) PREGNANT: Study Shows Popular MTV Show Contributed to Decrease in Teen Births

A new study from the Bureau of Economic Research credits the MTV hit show 16 and Pregnant with a role in the declining birth rate. The ...

FORNICATING FALL: Couple Tries Having Sex in a Tree with Disastrous Consequences

TLCs new show Sex Sent Me to The ER showcases a variety of weird bedroom stories- though this one wasn't technically in a bedroom. Partners ...

E!?S FUN FACT: Backlash Against Network For Making Light of Michael J. Fox?s Parkinson?s Disease

E made a red-carpet mistake when it displayed a so-called fun fact on the screen for Michael J. Fox. The entertainment channel told ...

BUNDLE OF (NO) JOY: Married Couples Without Children are Happier Than Those With Kids

A new study from Open University says married couples without kids are happiest. However, women who have babies are overall more satisfied ...

RAPID GUNFIRE: Video Shows Moment Police Shoot at Man After Hour Long Car Chase

Video shows the moment police opened fire on a man after an hour-long police chase. The man refused to stop for a sergeant pulling him over ...

SCAPEGOAT?: Questions Remain about Ousted Top Aid Bridget Kelly in New Jersey Bridge Scandal

Questions remain as a state assembly investigates New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie denies knowing about e-mails ordering ...

BOTTLE BUTT: Hospital X-Ray Shows Foreign Object Wedged Up Man?s Anus

released x-ray shows a man with a bottle shoved up his butt. He went to the hospital complaining of stomach pain and the doctors had to ...

BROS: Japanese Label Creates Lacy Bras and Other Lingerie For Men

Give your man boobs a life New line of lingerie from Japanese label Wish Room is designed just for men- frills and all. The collection ...

AIR SEX: Contestants Show Off Their Skills With Invisible Partner at Championships in London

The Air Sex Olympics are coming to London The raunchy sport started in Tokyo and is moving on to a new continent. It requires contestants, ...