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Gerard Butler Catching Heat for Rumored Role in 'Point Break' Remake

Gerard Butler is rumored to be in discussions to play Patrick Swayze's role, Bodhi, in a 'Point Break' remake. The Internet isn't to ...

Pulse Wallet Lets Users Pay By Scanning Veins

A new technology allows customers to pay for things using their veins. It works by using a biometric palm reader to save your credit card ...

Louis CK Releasing Unseen Movie from 1998 Starring Steve Carell

Louis CK is releasing his directorial debut film 'Tomorrow Night' on his website for 5. The film was made in 1998 and stars a pre-fame ...

Noah's Ark Theme Park Faces Collapse Without Funds

An amusement park centered around a life-sized replica of Noah's Ark, is at risk of never being built if its makers cannot raise 29 million ...

NJ Governor Apologizes for BridgeGate, Fires Staffer

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie apologizes for a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge and in Fort Lee which was allegedly caused ...

Activity-Tracking Dog Collar Debuts at CES

The nearly 300 dog collar Voyce debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show, billed as a way for humans to understand their dog like never ...

Firefighter Uses Beer To Distinguish Truck Fire

Houston firefighter Craig Moreau had to get creative when a small fire extinguisher wasn't helping him put out the brake fire on an ...

Awesome Dad Photoshops 1-Year-Old Son Into Video Games

Game developer Ben Stirling celebrated his son's first birthday by photoshopping the baby into different video games. Gillian Pensavalle ...

These Birds Dance To Rap Better Than You

These albatross might be better dancers than any of us. Buzz60's Patrick Jones Patrick_E_Jones took some footage provided by the US Fish ...

Mysterious Tiger Shark Migration Routes Revealed

Where are all these tiger sharks going That's what researchers from Australia were attempting to find out. Until now the deep ocean ...

Justin Timberlake Celebrates People's Choice Awards with Taco Bell

Justin Timberlake won big at the People's Choice Awards and he celebrated his three wins by going to Taco Bell after the show. The singer ...

$8,000 Smart Bed at CES Features Anti-Snore, Voice-Command Features

Sleep Number unveiled its new x12 bed at CES is Las Vegas and though it could be one of the smartest beds in the world, the 8,000 price tag ...