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Learn French |

Learn French |

Learn French with Free Podcasts Whether you are student or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate ...

Advanced Audio Blog S2 #18 - Are Your Friends Feeling a Little Cheesy?

Last weekend I spent the night in my friends Southern French home. She invited all of my closest friends over, which was great Many of us ...

Lower Intermediate S2 #9 - It’s Impossible to Find a Duck In The French Winter!

Learn French with In France, people use idioms in all kinds of everyday conversations. Knowing what these strange French ...

Video Culture Class: French Holidays #17 - Victory day

Learn more about French culture with Ever wondered what the most important French holidays are, and how they are ...

Newbie Lesson S2 #6 - No, What Makes you Think That’s My French Napkin?

You are completely in love with your new French girlfriend. You find it hard to concentrate on anything in France except hershe is even ...

Lower Intermediate S2 #8 - Is it So Hard to Work in France?

Learn French with France is often thought to have a pretty cool work environment because of its many vacation days and ...

News #107 - New Lesson Pages Are Here & Loaded With Features!

This our BIGGEST redesign to date The brand new lesson pages arrived on June 12th Oh, havent seen them Then head over to ...

Learn with Pictures and Video S3 #6 - Top 20 French Verbs 4

Learn French with Youve always wondered, will you dream in French After learning French in France for only a short while ...

Advanced Audio Blog S3 #11 - Don't Miss the Magic and Grandeur of the French Royal de Luxe!

Learn French with Youre wondering what to do on the upcoming weekend during your visit to France. Your friend, who has ...

Lower Beginner #22 - Meeting the In-laws in France, Part 2

Learn French with Your French friend calls you at the office and complains about how tired he is, even though he works ...

News #106 - Travel & Language Go Together, So We've Partnered With British Airways

Flying British Airways Stow away your bags, recline your seat, and tune in to the fast, fun, and easy in-flight language lessons brought to ...

Learn French in Three Minutes #24 - Asking “Who” in French

Learn common French question words with our French in Three series In France, knowing how to ask questions is important, and this ...

Gengo French #12 - Get Insider Information from the French Locals

Learn French with Psst Hey, you whisper to your French taxi driver. I need to know a good place to take this great French ...